Friday, August 31, 2012

Risk for Infection

Friday, August 31, 2012

Nursing Care Plan : Risk for Infection

Definition of Risk for Infection

The state in which an individual is susceptible to the pathogenic and opportunistic agents (viruses, fungi, bacteria, protozoa, or other parasites) from external sources, sources of exogenous and endogenous.

Related Factors

Related to the weakening of the immune host
Chronic disease
Renal failure
Hematological disorders
Diabetes mellitus
Hepatic disorders
Respiratory disorders
Collagen diseases
Changes or insufficiency leukocytes
Blood dyscrasias
Integumentary system changes
Periodontal Disease
Related to the weakening of the circulation
Peripheral vascular disease
Related to the entry of the organism
Total parenteral nutrition
The presence of invasive duct
Enteral feeding
Related to the weakening of host resistance
Radiation therapy
Organ transplants
Drug therapy (eg, chemotherapy, immunosuppressants)
Situational (Personal, environmental)
Related to the weakening of host resistance
Prolonged immobilization
His stay in hospital increased
History of infection
Related to the organism
Postpartum period
Bite (animals, humans, insects)
Thermal injury
Environment warm, moist, dark (skin folds, splint)
Related to contact infectious agents (nosocomial or acquired from the community)
Related to increased vulnerability of infants
Lack of maternal antibodies
Lack of normal flora
Open wounds (umbilicus, circumcision)
(Baby / child)
Related to vulnerability
Less immunization
Related to vulnerability of the elderly
Conditions that weaken
Decrease the immune response
Multiple chronic diseases

Expected outcomes

Individuals will:
1. Techniques showed a very careful hand washing.
2. Free from the nosocomial infection during hospitalization
3. Demonstrate the ability of the risk factors associated with infection and to take appropriate precautions to prevent infection


1. Identification of individuals at risk of nosocomial infection
a. Assess the predictor
- Infection (preoperative)
- Abdominal or thoracic surgery
- Operating more than 2 hours
- Procedure genitouranius
- Instrumentation (ventilator, suction, catheter, nebulizer, tracheostomy, noninvasive monitoring tool)
- Aestesia
b. Assess the factors that confound
- Age younger than 1 year old, or older than 65 years
- Obesity
- The conditions of the underlying disease (COPD, diabetes, cardiovascular disease)
- Drug abuse
- Nutritional Status
- Smokers
2. Reduce organisms that enter the body
a. Wash hands carefully
b. Antiseptic techniques
c. Isolation
d. Necessary diagnostic or therapeutic procedures
e. Reduction of microorganisms that can be transmitted through the air
3. Protect individuals from infection immune deficit
a. Instruct individuals to request to all visitors and personnel to wash their hands before approaching individual.
b. Limit visitors when possible
c. Limit invasive tools (IV, laboratory specimens) to really need it.
d. Teach individuals and family members signs and symptoms of infection
4. Reduce individual susceptibility to infection
a. Push and hold the input of calories and protein in the diet (see Changes in nutrition).
b. Monitor the use or overuse of antimicrobial therapy.
c. Give antimicrobial therapy was prescribed in 15 minutes of the scheduled time
d. Minimize the length of stay in hospital
5. Observe the clinical manifestations of infection (eg, fever, cloudy urine, purulent drainage)
6. Instruct individuals and families to know the causes, risks and the strength of transmission of infection.
7. Report infectious diseases.

Risk Nursing Diagnosis



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